DIY Punk label, South East UK.
Bands: Cosmic Thoughts, Spoilers, Sans Pareil


    Music Life, September 1993

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Govanhill Street, Glasgow. 1970s.


    Govanhill Street, Glasgow. 1970s.

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IMG_2097Shinjuku Gyoen - Tokyo, Japan
By : Amy Jane Gustafson


    Shinjuku Gyoen - Tokyo, Japan

    By : Amy Jane Gustafson

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    Joseph Plateau -Phenakistiscope

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    After an exciting year, which has seen both Manifest Coffee and Hot Salvation Records get things off the ground, the relationship is being further cemented this summer.

    Cold-Coffee Cola, an idea sparked by a love of excellent coffee, great music and interesting experiments was a crazy success. In light of this, Hot Salvation Records is going to be guesting at Manifest Coffee in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter this Triennial period.

    The Hot Salvation approach to hand picking vinyl, lovingly putting together the right titles and presenting them in a beautiful and pleasing way will sit neatly inside Thom’s already serene setting.

    We’re there from Friday August 29th for the opening weekend of the Triennial Art Festival, and stock will be extremely limited every day. A ‘cherry picking’ of brand new and ridiculously old Punk, Post Punk, Alternative, Soul, Reggae, Experimental, Rock and Metal, Industrial as well as some absolutely must-haves of the last fifty years, come and say hi, have a look, listen and pick up a gem.

    Manifest Coffee is in the Old High Street in Folkestone, Kent.

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